Field Engineer is a new way to find the engineers and freelancers you need to do work at your business. Rather than having to take on a new person full-time or hire an agency to do work for you, Field Engineer’s freelance marketplace connects you directly to talented people with vetted skills who can get the job done.

For firms, the process of Field Engineer is simple. All you need to do is sign up to the platform on the web, and then start posting jobs, providing as much relevant information as possible. Once you’ve posted a job, some of the 40,000 engineers and freelancers on the platform will start bidding for the work, along with their star-ratings and reviews from former employers. You then get to select which freelance engineer you want to hire for the job and, following their approval, work can begin right way. The web app is designed to be as simple as possible and provides all the tools you need to make payments, track worker location, and revise jobs as and when you need.

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